CTYP and UConn’s GSS

Connecticut Young Professionals (CTYP) is now working with the University of Connecticut’s Graduate Student Senate (GSS) to bring you events across the state.  We look forward to growing this relationship and encourage you to attend our kickoff event on March 31st in Manchester.



About CTYP:

Connecticut Young Professionals is a free-to-join organization for those between the ages of 21 and 40 with over 1400 members.  CTYP aims to build community amongst young professionals in the state by hosting its own events, informing you of community events, and enabling you to engage with one another.  Our events include social networking, professional development, arts and culture, health and wellness, civic engagement events, and much more.

About GSS:

The UConn Graduate Student Senate is one of the 5 deliberative bodies of the University of Connecticut and represents the interests of 7000 graduate students. The GSS provides opportunities for social engagement, professional development, and advocacy for all graduate degree programs at UConn‘s 5 campuses.

Professional Associations and Networking Events

Connecticut Young Professionals‘ President Faris Virani was recently featured in an article on New York Times best-selling author Lindsey Pollak’s website.  In the article, Virani discusses why young professionals would want to join professional associations and attend networking events.  Also, he gives tips to organizations on how organizations can attract and engage millennials.  The article can be found here.

Connecticut’s Inaugural Young Professionals Symposium

How can Connecticut attract and retain young professionals?

This is one of the most pressing issues that our state is constantly facing. It is also the theme of the Inaugural Young Professionals Symposium that will take place on Saturday, October 24th. CTYP is teaming up with Future Leaders of Yale to present the very first event geared towards developing a dialogue on important issues such as this in CT.

Attraction and retention of young professionals in CT isn’t a unidimensional issue, and there isn’t going to be one type of solution. It’s not solely because of the “brain drain,” cost of living or job opportunities. Understanding this issue means looking at it holistically. It’s an amalgamation of various symptoms that has built up over the years to cause the current situation. That’s why the Symposium has different parts; it reflects the comprehensive nature of this topic.

From the political panel to the breakout sessions to the networking happy hour, this entire day aimed to drive each individual participant’s’ goals for professional and personal development. People will begin to take ownership of their involvement and begin connecting themselves to the community. Through participation, I hope that people can take a step forward in creating the answer for the question YPS posits.

This is why I believe the Young Professionals Symposium will be such a monumental event, not just for the people involved, but for the state as a whole. The impact from this event will resonate on both an individual and structural level and will be the first step to opening an honest dialogue between young professionals, their government, and their community.

So get involved. Be a part of the conversation. Participate in the first-ever symposium in Connecticut that is built to give the young professional community a real voice. Find out more information and register for free at www.ypsymposium.org.

Christine Nguyen
Communications Director, CTYP

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